What's in the bag?

Do you know what I live for? Bag-ception. 

The bag lady of the 21st century is a different bag lady - she is a lady with bags in bags in more bags. 

When traveling, or doing just about anything, I find that these are necessary to keep me organized. My go-to black tote always has no less that three other bags in it. The bottomless pit that is my bag becomes less bottomless, which in this case is a good thing. (Less bottomless brunch? I'll pass.) 

Here are some of those little ones that have me panting heavily these days. 

Baggu Small Pouch available on Reformation for all those things that end up at the bottom of your bag. 

The Mini Shine Pouch by Everlane when you want your accessories to shine.

The Leather Travel Case Set by Cuyana when you want to jet set in style.

The Leather Pouch Clutch by Tribe Alive for everyday use.


Bag of goodies

Bag of goodies

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