The March List

Warmer (and longer!) days are in sight and March is the month to reclaim winter’s ravages. So hang up the scarves and dust off your sunnies because - dare I say it - Spring is almost here! Here's what I’m mad for this month!

March Mantra

March Mantra

1.  7- Day KonMari Inspired Challenge - Tackle spring cleaning in stages with this easy guide.  And if you're like me, you probably should add an extra day for cleaning out email inboxes and desktop space. 

2. Liljevalchs Spring Salon/ Vårsalongen - An annual juried exhibition of local artists put on by one of my favorite museums in Stockholm. This year’s exhibition is being show in Norrmalm through April 10th. 

3. James Bay at the Annex - This guy comes to Sweden; I proceed to cry happy tears. 

4. Nuxe Creme Fraîche de Beauté - The best moisturizing cream for those transitional months where skin can go nuts. Bonus - the smell will make you feel like a fine French woman qui promène par la Seine. Just make sure to add an SPF!

5. Lost in Translation - Fill the void left by the cancellation of Welcome to Sweden with this improv show highlighting the expat experience. 

Giving Thanks

Holidays away from home can be difficult and social media doesn’t make it easier. The barrage of snaps, Instagrams and status updates made last week challenging at times. I so wanted to be home with family like everyone else seemed to be. I wanted to hug my ninety-year-old grandma and congratulate my brother and his fiancée. I wanted to squeeze into Nanna’s house with countless cousins and bake pies without visiting the American Food store. I wanted to quote SNL’s “Back Home Ballers” and watch football with my dad. I wanted all of the familiar joy and gratitude of the holiday. How foolish I was to think I could only have that at home. 


Last week I celebrated no less than FOUR thanksgivings here in Uppsala. I celebrated with friends, roommates, colleagues and students and I ate more sweet potato than I am comfortable admitting. I laughed around a table with so many amazing people. I prepared my first turkey and didn’t give anyone food poisoning. I botched a pecan pie and then made a killer one. I shared in traditions new and old and broke bread with this family I have made for myself. And I regretted my poor, pitiful me routine.

In three weeks time, I will be celebrating Christmas at home with family and my petty homesickness will feel even more selfish than it does now. Truth is, our world is in a tough spot. There are families without a place to go home to, or families whose gatherings this holiday season will be a much more somber affair. There are many reasons to feel saddened or angered, many reasons to feel hateful or hopeless, but I am choosing gratitude. I have to.