In Those Small Moments

A rare thing happened this weekend: my family was all in the same place. With my parents in California, my brother in New York and me, bopping from Kentucky to Sweden, we aren't together often. I guess you could say we're a close bunch for not being close at all.  When we have these opportunities to see each other, I am thrilled.  And we celebrate with great meals and countless toasts and big hugs, but without a doubt, I most enjoy the small moments. 

An evening trip to the lake. 

A post-brunch nap. 

A winding conversation. 

A favorite movie and a crowded couch. 

These are the moments I love - the small, the mundane, the familiar. 

I will so miss these moments and the people who make them so special when I move next week, but I know I'll be making new memories and savoring so many new experiences.


- EM