On Cycling and Settling In

My new bike! She needs a name...

My new bike! She needs a name...

Tomorrow, I'll have been in Uppsala for a week - how quickly the days have flown by! I've spent the time reacquainting myself with this amazing city, running errands and enjoying the last few days of this extended vacation with friends new and old. This summer in Sweden has been a rainy one, but I've lucked out with some sunny days this week. Today, as I write from my apartment's balcony, it's so hot my phone overheated - am I back in California or in Sweden??

Navigating the city has taken some getting used to and I'm slowly learning my new bus routes and neighborhood, situated just 10 minutes from the city center and Uppsala University. I bought a bike a few days ago and have completely fallen in love with cycling around this place. Uppsala is so bike-friendly and even though I'm possibly the worst biker, I feel very safe (Not sure what other cyclists or pedestrians feel with me on the road, but oh well!) I really appreciate how easy it is to rely on a bike or public transportation here. When I was planning this move, I was apprehensive about biking, especially given my inexperience, but as soon I as hopped on my bike, I was hooked. A lesson in tackling fears perhaps?

I'm heading to Stockholm soon for a Lenny Kravitz concert at Gröna Lund, an amusement park situated on Djurgården island. (If he sings "American Woman," I'm going to lose my ish.) My job starts tomorrow and I'm looking forward to meeting the team there, though I must say 6 weeks off has been pretty awesome. But on to the next thing! So here's to new beginnings and new bikes!


- EM