Why a minimalist closet?

I’ve been asked this question often in the three years since I swapped my overflowing closet of misfit pieces for a minimalist one, and whoa, Nelly does it get me talking. Here’s a quick breakdown of the wonderful things you can expect with your #minimalistcloset 


 Your closet will start to resemble your Pinterest goals and your heart will swell with pride.

You will get dressed in a fraction of the time because everything matches. What a concept! Save that stress for the workplace, thanks.

You will wear lots of black, which is obviously v. chic and v. mysterious.

You will exude European sophistication and sensibility. Or at least think that you do.

You will exercise that discipline muscle while shopping and your credit card statement will no longer incite fear and rage.  


And so many more. Go on and do it already.