Closet Detox

A few times a year, I give my closet a serious purge . Mostly because an annual purge à la Spring Cleaning sounds too daunting, partly because I need the space, and somewhat because I still have nightmares about closets featured on Room Raiders. In order to maintain a minimalist wardrobe, it’s necessary to reevaluate one’s closet and make necessary adjustments. Do it unmercifully, do it often. Seeing as I’ve just completed the latest closet cleanse, here are some tips to do it yourself.

What’s Gotta Go

  • Anything stained, faded or ripped
  • Anything you haven’t worn in ages and tbh didn’t know you still had
  • Anything you bought months ago but still haven’t worn 
  • Anything you haven’t figured out how to incorporate into an outfit
  • Anything that doesn’t fit (Even if you’re hoping it might one day, you’ll want to treat yourself with new clothes and you absolutely deserve that.)
  • Anything that doesn’t make you feel confident

What Can Stay

  • Pieces with sentimental value
  • Pieces that are seasonal necessities (I’m looking at you, Stay Puft winter jacket.)
  • Pieces that are one-of-a-kind

What To Do With Your Discarded Clothes

  • Donate them! Just make sure you’re donating useable items.
  • Sell them at a second-hand store.
  • Sell them at an online consignment marketplace, such as Threadup.
  • Sell them on eBay.

While living in the states, I used Threadup with every closet purge. I don’t have the time to sell individual pieces online, and they send you a clean-out bag you can stuff full of your closet rejects. Plus, they donate anything they can’t re-sell. You can only use their services in the US, so here in Sweden I donate items to the Red Cross or Myrorna.

Once you’ve given things the old heave-ho, reorganize and refold everything in your closet. If you’re like me, you’ll find more you can toss during this process. Then, once you’ve organized, sit back and admire your Instagram-worthy closet. 

Why a minimalist closet?

I’ve been asked this question often in the three years since I swapped my overflowing closet of misfit pieces for a minimalist one, and whoa, Nelly does it get me talking. Here’s a quick breakdown of the wonderful things you can expect with your #minimalistcloset 


 Your closet will start to resemble your Pinterest goals and your heart will swell with pride.

You will get dressed in a fraction of the time because everything matches. What a concept! Save that stress for the workplace, thanks.

You will wear lots of black, which is obviously v. chic and v. mysterious.

You will exude European sophistication and sensibility. Or at least think that you do.

You will exercise that discipline muscle while shopping and your credit card statement will no longer incite fear and rage.  


And so many more. Go on and do it already.